Lauren Holly

Moving is always stressful. Even though the idea of a new home is exciting, getting there can be difficult. I recently moved neighbourhoods in search of trees. I found some big ones, and just as I’d hoped, they surrounded a ‘perfect’ little house. The weathered bungalow was unusual- it had had a few lives- but I was convinced I could see comfort and charm.

I met Toula on the first day of school a few years ago. Our sons were on the same bus, and we came to soon know-the same age, same grade ,and on the way to what was to be: great friends. My first impression of her was just how nice she was, how unusually comfortable to talk to she was, how I immediately felt at ease.

I showed her my little tarnished find, and she agreed that it could be shined up. Even more importantly, she understood why it’s quirkiness appealed to me. Next thing I know, Toula had realized it, and always, always -so gently.

It was a bit of a project. Constant surprises, some near disasters, just enough good news to keep you going– I’m sure if you’ve ever done some renovation, relied on some technicians, or even just had a couch or curtains made– it sounds familiar. We were doing all of that, and much more. Nevertheless, Toula seemed to tame the storm of all that into a gentle breeze. Always calm, always positive, she glided me through the process. She gave me options, she complimented everything I was keeping, and she always managed to elevate my suggestions.

Her impeccable taste, her eye for detail, and her awareness of the benefit of smart decisions made for a powerful combination. I relied on her guidance, and she realized my home.
Best part? She kept us smiling. Thanks, T.


Kate, Oakville

We now have a saying in our house, “In Toula we trust”. Toula helped us navigate our complex basement finishing through her design, drawings, finish selections and project management. The choices are daunting and Toula listened to what we were trying to achieve with our basement and focused our selections so it was painless.

Her knowledge and expectations of excellence in the finishing trade areas of kitchen, bathroom tiling, trim carpentry, flooring, paint and lighting ensured that the quality of the materials and the workmanship were to the highest standard.

Toula’s attention to detail and organization got our project done on time and no detail has been left behind. No project is without it’s challenges and Toula’s unflappable, patient nature took care of all of it. Whenever there were any problems, Toula was finding a solution that wouldn’t compromise the final product. I will not be undertaking another project without Toula.


Karen, Oakville

We have used the services of Toula Piliouras Interiors in our renovation project and greatly appreciate Toula’s advice. Her ability to listen to our needs and make suggestions that work, helped to create a reno experience that was both positive and educational. Toula’s remarkable sense of style and colour helped to create a space that reflected our taste, our vision and our budget. Her genuine desire to help was heartfelt and we would not hesitate to recommend Toula to anyone who is also looking for our 3 S’s – service, style and sensibility.

Alana, Oakville

It was a real pleasure working with Toula. She always presented beautiful ideas that suited my personality. My home came together just as I had hoped.

Andrea, Oakville

Toula recently helped us with the redecoration of our 2 boy’s bedrooms, playroom and our basement. She has an excellent sense of colour and style. We were thoroughly pleased with the results. It was a pleasure working with her and she made the entire process enjoyable from beginning to end.

Richard & Lise, Oakville

Hello Toula, I wanted to write you a testimonial for your website because you really were pivotal to the success of our kitchen overhaul. You had already been incredibly helpful transforming our living/family room with small changes that made such a difference! And so, when we bought new appliances and were hit with the realization that we likely needed a full kitchen reno – I was happy that you were already someone I knew and trusted.

We were overwhelmed by all the choices and decisions, but your methodical, careful and detailed approach to things made that so manageable. I liked how you used a checklist and wrote up a design so things were visual and clear. You were so genuinely keen to help us and I loved how you were independent and never pushed a particular product or person. And then your eye for colour is astounding! It was critical to us that we select the right choices given the money we were going to spend on this reno and we drew so much confidence knowing that we could tell you what type of colour/style we liked and you just showed up the next time with something so perfect. And you were so knowledgeable about dimensions and gadgets and conveniences. And your positive energy and desire for us to “not worry” was worth so much!

Everything went very smoothly and was done so quickly thanks to all your organization and attention to detail and timing. I have highly recommended you to people already who want to get any help on designing or colour or decorating. The 3 main rooms in our house now look updated, functional and inviting which was exactly what I had wanted. I’m so happy with our reno and can’t thank you enough! We’re happy to be a reference at any time.